Convenience Store

Digital Marketing

The Convenience

of Digital

Convenience Stores can use digital signage in many different ways to get their message across.

  • Advertise Stores Promotions
  • Improve Upsells
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Display Food Menu’s
  • Bring Customers inside
  • Change promotions in just few seconds

See the Digital Lift difference

Traditional Signage

Gone are the days where of printing menu’s, traditional signage included expensive printing, no easy way to change menu and overall not a good user experience.

Digital signage

Digital signage is 10x more effective than traditional static images, moving images capture the customers attention and demand action.

Case Studies

Case Study

Use of Digital Signage to boost lottery sales and captivate customers

Digital Lifts was approached by Q&Q Mart to use Digital Signage for their Texas Lottery promotions. We were able to Strategy the placement of the screens, the content and easy to use Content Management System.

  • Screen Placement with the most impact
  • Content to WOW customers
  • Keeping it Fresh
  • Capturing Impressions
  • Engaging Customers
Case Study

Digital menu screens are informative and engaging to look at

Use of Digital Menu screens have been very beneficial for C Store delis, Digital menu's provide fresh menu choices that can be changed within second, from breakfast menu to lunch. Menu changes are a breeze at practically no cost. Use of Digital menus has been known to increases sells by up to 25%.